Updated: Dec 21, 2019

Day 8.

We woke to rain this morning. I am glad that it waited until the last day to rain us out.

After we ate breakfast, fueled up and got all settled in, we headed home. It rained on us about halfway home so there was no chance really to take anymore photos. We cranked up the radio and sang to Broadway tunes and some oldies. We still had some fun!

Travel On! See what is on the other side

I had a wonderful experience and look forward to the next time I can venture out and explore the world near and far.

I encourage you all to be adventurous, even if it is just for a day trip. Take lots of pics, then come back and tell a story with them.

I am going to build me a book of photos with captions. Like a coffee table book, we use to call them. I will let you know when it is published.

Thank you for taking our trip with us, faithful readers. Stay tuned to Hill Country Network to see and hear all about North Mississippi and be sure to check out our Blog page, where we will have more stories soon!!


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