Back to School!

As we go into August, it brings back memories of school days for some and anticipation for others.

We hear the school bells ringing, lockers closing and talking in the hallways.

Teachers gathering all the tools they will need to help those in their charge.

The stiffness of new clothes, the shyness of new students and the nervous laughter of those trying to show they are not scared.

The parents who bring their little ones to class for the first time, the tears shed by both of them, but putting on a brave face just the same.

The parents who watch their children get on the bus and think "I will miss them being home" although just last week they were thinking "I can't wait for school to start!" while running after this one and that for some mischief they have caused.

The freshman who starts High School, trying to brace for the challenge and just a little scared of the changes, while others have been waiting for YEARS to get here and are going to blaze their way to glory!

The football players, cheerleaders and dance teams have been practicing for weeks now, they are ready to see their other friends.

The Seniors who drive in the parking lot their first day and don't know whether to laugh or cry because this is their last year before becoming adults.

While some Seniors

are glad to drive in the first day, because they know they only have one more year of school before they start their new journey!

There are many thoughts and emotions when school begins. For some of us, it is the memories of times gone by. For others, the time is now.

We hope you all have a great school year!