Last Day on the Parkway

Day 7.

Last day on the parkway The morning was the coolest we have experienced so far. After breakfast, we checked our location in comparison to home since we need to be home on Wednesday afternoon. We would have to get off the parkway to accomplish this. The main reason is because we couldn't NOT stop. I mean, get real, this is a photography trip!

Image Credit: Barry Wise

Today the parkway was bittersweet. It was a beautiful day, nice temps, wispy clouds and peacefulness. We are ready to get back to our families, friends, and jobs, but if we could have, we would have stayed on the trail a couple of more days. We decided to get off the parkway by 2 pm and head to Pigeon Forge.

Once we got to Pigeon Forge, we went to the Titanic exhibit. It was sobering because it hits you early that these people were real. Not characters in a movie, but real-life humans beings. They even have a room that you go in that is cold like the outside of the ship. They have a huge piece of ice you can touch, also water that was 28 degrees, which was the temp the passengers were dumped into when the ship sank. The pics show some of what we saw our last day on the Blue Ridge parkway.

Image Credit: Evelyn Mason

Tomorrow, we will be traveling towards home. But I have a feeling we will have to stop a couple of times for more pictures.

See you tomorrow faithful readers!