Orchards then Mountains

Day 3 began with a trip to an apple orchard. Mountain Fresh Orchards has a farmers market attached to it that has pumpkins and of course apples. We got to try several varieties and the people there were so nice. As you can see from the picture we got a couple of apples along with some honey sticks. My son loves honey, so I thought he might enjoy trying some from North Carolina. We also got an apple dumpling. I never had an apple dumpling quite like this. It has a whole cooked Apple inside of it and on the outside is the pastry that makes up the dumpling part of it. Then you have a sweetly spiced sauce that you spread all over it plus it's topped with ice cream. It was so very good! Not diet-friendly, but an experience to be had while on vacation.

We got back on the road and decided to hit the blue ridge parkway. We knew there would be lots of overlooks, lots of things to see. We saw lots of plants and flowers and we had some beautiful stops and overlooks. We got to see the clouds roll over the top of some of the higher peaks of the mountains like fog. Then we got to see the cloud Shadows on the mountainsides. We saw houses down in The Valleys that look like toys. We saw cars on other parts of the parkway traveling down as we were traveling up. We saw a spectacular sunset as the moon rose in the east. We ended our night in a little town called Spruce Pines North Carolina where we ate at the Western Sizzlin. I have not eaten at a Western Sizzlin in so many years I can't even tell you how long it's been! It was good food and great service.

Sunset at Bald Knob Overlook

We're spending the night in a parking lot of a store, one that is well-lit and there are truck drivers around us so we feel safe. Remember safety first!

I hope you have a good weekend, there is a lot to do in North Ms this weekend. I will be back tomorrow with day 4 as we plan to get back on the Parkway and make our way closer to Shenandoah Virginia. Virginia is the start of the Blue Ridge Parkway with mile marker number one. I hope you enjoy the pictures that go with this blog today. And will be back on the parkway tomorrow. I hope you will come back tomorrow faithful readers