Spontaneity and Flexibility While On Vacation

Day 5.

Sunday was a little chilly. As we were packing everything up, we considered how close we were to Washington DC and how it would be a shame to come this close and not go see the monuments. Off we go into the Sunday traffic of DC, which was not as bad as I had feared. Parking, on the other hand, was very sparse, because blocks and blocks were closed down to all traffic. There were police, firemen and National Guard in the streets. I got out of the vehicle near the Washington Monument while the car was being parked. I was in awe. I was in front of the original Smithsonian building, a dark red building. From there I walked to the Washington Monument and met my friends at the World War 2 memorial. We walked to the Lincoln's Memorial beside the Mall's reflecting pool, we walked beside the Vietnam War Wall Memorial, from there we walked to the White House. Even though we could not get very close to the White House, it was still awe-inspiring to be there.

Our car was parked at the Capital Buildings, so we fired up the walking app on our GPS. Now I am not sure what happened, but a 25 to 30-minute walk took us about 2 1/2 hours! The GPS took us in circles, around a block on two sides and not sure where else! About halfway through our wanderings, we stopped at the "Potbell Sandwich Works" for a sandwich and salad. The food was really good and the people working behind the counter were really nice. We took this 30-minute break because we needed to get our bearings We looked at our maps when we got through eating and figured out we just needed to walk down about 3 more streets and take a left. This led us past many other historic buildings, including the National Archives. After a 6 hour tour of a walking tour in Washington DC, we decided it was time to head to the Parkway because it is our turn around day. We headed toward Highway 395 and to my surprise, we passed by the Pentagon, which was one of the places that I had wanted to see. When you travel, sometimes you come across gems, such as the place you have always heard of in history books. We saw a sign for the Manassas Battle Field so, we took it. The Battle of Bull Run is also another name for this battle of the Civil War. We took the exit indicated and found the park. There were several cannons, wagons and ammo boxes on wheels replicated. There was also the rebuilt home of the Henry Family. We took lots of pictures of course.  It was a good ending of a full day.

We took lots of pictures like we photographers are apt to do. We are staying the night in Front Royal, the town of the trailhead of the Blue Ridge Parkway. We will be on the trail for the next two days at least, we hope to see more fall colors tomorrow. We are going to start with a cave we think, but who knows, we may not. That is what is so great about this trip! No agendas, no stress, LOTS of pictures! I hope to see you tomorrow faithful readers! Evelyn