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I am going on a photography trip!

A photography trip is an excursion that is purely for the love of photography! Along the way, we will stop in places and capture the beauty of the environment!

As I start off this photography trip, I think about the freedom we'll have, because we are not staying in hotels but rather sleeping in our cars - think of it like camping in the vehicle.

We're taking our food, blankets, clothes, ice, and drinks with us; we have everything that we need! We're not thinking about where we're going to be stopping each night, and we're not worried about having to push forward to get to a particular place. We have a couple of destinations in mind that we would like to stop, but this is a photography trip. If it takes us 5 hours to go 50 miles, so be it. Taking pictures of things that are away from you - that's what this trip is all about! The farthest that will be out is 10 hours from home, and going to take eight days to travel those 10 hours out and 10 hours back.

We'll be seeing a lot of beautiful things during this trip that we don't see every day back home, so I'll be sending you some pictures along the way.

Stay tuned, faithful readers, more updates to come!