Waterfalls and Rainfall

Image Credit: Barry Wise

Image Credit: Evelyn Mason

Day 4.

The day dawned with a touch of cooler weather, which was fine, since I had packed for mostly cooler temps. We went back to the Western Sizzler for breakfast in Spruce Pines, which was very good. We appreciate the staff there for the service. We moseied down the parkway, taking lots of pictures during multiple stops. Bridges, roadway shots, overlooks were all examined by us, as they have been by countless others.

The highlight of the day was Linville Falls. The hike back was worth it. I am going to take a moment and explain why I mentioned the hike. Since the end of June, I have been working out at Sharp fitness and it has been a very smart move. My mobility is better and I am stronger. I will start blogging my progress here, so stay tuned!

Now back to the waterfall. The Lineville Falls Welcome Center had lots of useful information about the falls. We decided to take the more moderate route because even though I am in better shape than 3 months ago, I am still not ready for a marathon of hills and valleys. I stopped and rested some along the way, but it was worth it. On our walk up to the falls, we saw lots of interesting plants, stumps and moss. I wish I had brought a little travel figurine with me, because some of these stumps just looked like the wee folks (the storybook fairies and small forest folks) would be right at home.

As we went down the last narrow steps, you come to an opening with large slabs of rocks, a stone wall and a beautiful scene of God's work. There is a gorge to your right and two medium size falls to your left with a pretty little stream in the middle.

We took pictures of all three, just enjoying the majesty of it all. There were people there from all over the world, the dialects and musical sounds of their language were an added bonus to the sounds of the water surrounding us. It was definitely worth the hike. The hike on the way back was taken at ease. I had a small slip at the falls that put a strain on my left hip, but that is not an unusual thing for me, to slip that is. I tell people all the time, "There was a reason that my momma and daddy didn't name me Grace," but no problems, we got to enjoy the walk back as another adventure in photography. That was the whole purpose of the trip. We got back on the road and noticed that the clouds were moving in. Since Sunday is technically our turn around day, we decided to go straight to the beginning of the parkway. So we started looking for a place to hit a major highway, because we knew if we didn't get off to go to the end, we would not make to the end, because we were ever stopping along the route!

We ended up on Highway 91. But our photography now took on the stops of old homesteads, barns and very interesting buildings. We finally crossed into the state of Virginia and got on I-81. We are staying the night in Alexandria, VA to get up in the morning to go see Mt Vernon before going to the Blue Ridge Parkway trail and starting our way home.

Thank you faithful readers for staying with us on our trip.

See you soon!